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The Golfshire Times - September 2018




August was a busy month at Golfshire, with the club hosting the ADT Pro Golf Tournament, the Masters and several Corporate Golf Events. It was Bangalorean Rahil Gangjee who set the course on fire on the final day to lift the coveted ADT title. The Pro Tour returned to Golfshire after a long hiatus of six years and the players were treated to some fabulous playing conditions. Youngsters Adil Bedi and Harimohan Singh, who were heading for The Asian Games in Indonesia also participated as amateurs in the tournament. Kudos to our superintendent Coman Mulry and his greens-keeping team for the magnificent playing conditions!

The August Leg of the Prestige Masters Series, sponsored by Kohler and Volvo Cars, saw Sandeep Malhar lift the title on a very windy day at Golfshire. With just two more legs remaining the competition to qualify for the Grand Finale is at its peak.

To register for the September Leg please visit the Golfshire Events Portal

Rahil Gangjee
Sandeep Malhar




We are now hosting a Free Snag Golf program on Saturdays and Sundays for families and friends with two sessions at 02:30pm and 03:00pm. This is located between the hitting bays and the putting green, all ages welcome.

The Prestige Masters Series: Saturday 8th September
Morning shot gun start at 8am. Tee times will be available from 1:30 pm.

Sky Team Golf Tournament: Saturday 15th September
Tee times will be available from 1:30 pm

India Learn Golf Week (ILGW): 24th - 30th September
a Golf Industry Association (GIA) initiative, in partnership with Indian Golf Union (IGU), Women’s Golf Association of India (WGAI), National Golf Association of India (NGAI), Golf Course Superintendents and Managers Association of India (GCS&MAI) and the Professional Golf Association (PGA), aims to nurture the next 100000 Indian golfers. Golfshire is part of this pan-India effort to foster interest in the game. If family members or friends are interested, do ask them to register here.

A Junior Tournament: Wednesday 26th September
Tee times will be available from 1:30 pm.




The Falcon Green Restaurant has some great wine promotions running through the month of September. You will have your choice from Grover's Art Collection throughout the month, with a Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer not on just the glass, but the bottle as well. And if you haven’t tried any of our new menu items, you are truly missing out.




It was a busy month on the golf course for the agronomy team as we continued to re-turf weak areas in the roughs. We have also completed one round of hand weeding in all the rough areas. Spot spraying of herbicide in roughs was also done and will continue over the coming months. You may have noticed the tee tops were off-colour in some areas the last few weeks; this is from a herbicide application to eradicate undesired grasses from the tee tops and is proving to be a success. The irrigation team was busy during the month leveling sprinkler heads throughout the course, to improve the distribution uniformity and water conservation. Looking ahead the team will be focused on detailing around the course and weed control works. Over the next few months we are also planning to adjust fairway and approach mow lines.

This season's Aeration will be conducted on December 10th and 11th (Monday and Tuesday). The course and driving range facilities will be closed on these two days. As fellow golfers we understand the frustrations you may have during this period: it is not easy putting on a surface that has just been hollow cored and top dressed. Hopefully your knowledge of course maintenance and realization of why it is required will help you appreciate the medium-term positive impact this will have on the Golfshire greens. Please note that the Falcon Greens Restaurant will remain open on Tuesday the 11th.

Most superintendents try to choose dates during the strongest part of the growing season so that re-growth is quick and your greens come back to life as soon as possible. This also allows for good nutrition, water needs to drain down to clear the soil profile as well as evaporate; together this creates both healthy turf and roots. If we don’t aerate, the greens will become puffy, scalping occurs, and turf disease becomes more prevalent over time.

Please keep in mind that every time you comment on exceptional conditions during the golf season, a major contributor is Core Aeration. We are sure you will not lose sight of the medium-term benefits dealing with this short-term inconvenience. The agronomy team would like to extend our thanks for your ongoing support and hope you continue to enjoy the course.





Get Fit for Golf

Forward Lunges: A great way to bring stability to your golf swing is to work on the lower body. This includes your calf, hamstring and thigh muscles. Alternate leg lunges with a mildly heavy dumbbell will help strengthen these muscles and also help you to increase their mobility. The result will be faster balanced swings producing a powerful ball flight.

If you have any questions related to golf fitness please send our Fitness Trainer, Kumbharaj, an email at [email protected] and he will be happy to answer.





We continue to post compelling content on our Facebook page, Twitter handle, YouTube channel and Instagram account. Here are a few stories that proved to be popular across our Social Media presence

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